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WAVE Two-Way Radio

Combine the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications. Manage talkgroups and subscriptions in real time. Increase coverage, connections, and productivity without expanding infrastructure.

Easy to manage



Forget building out or maintaining costly radio infrastructure. Get your radio and start talking.



No costly or time-consuming FCC or spectrum licensing, or manual programming required.



An affordable monthly payment which you can eaily stop or reduce at any time.


Works the way you do

Nationwide push-to-talk

Fast track productivity with a nationwide push-to-talk network that powers the quickest push-to-talk setup and call times.

Built for the job

Purpose-built for business, everything about the WAVE radio is smart and intentional. Whether it’s location tracking and Wi-Fi calling, or the rugged design without an attention-diverting screen.


Smartphone or WAVE two-way radio:
The clear choice, hands down.

Stay safe while on the road. One button push-to-talk makes it easy for employees to connect. Because they don’t have to unlock it to use it, the WAVE radio is ideal for situations when every second counts. And without a screen, employees stay more focused—no apps, texting, or dialing.

Lower your cost of ownership and eliminate IT headaches with less to break, fix or maintain. With the WAVE radio, your team has everything need. And nothing they don't.


Traditional two-way or TLK 100:
It's radio and then some.

Unlike traditional radio, there’s no costly upfront investment required. A month-to-month plan keeps costs under control. You don’t have to worry about unknown replacement costs, either, because Motorola will replace any WAVE radio that’s accidentally damaged.

Managing your fleet is simple, since you can deliver updates over the air without needing to touch a single device or handle any radio programming cables. Modify your talkgroups remotely and in real-time without having to call customer service.


Simple fleet management:
Single click, hours saved.

Whether you’re managing 10 devices or a fleet of 10,000, minimizing administration time can save your business a ton. WAVE makes management simple, because every WAVE device includes built-in capabilities with the cost of your subscription. So you can change talk groups, modify device names, add Wi-Fi credentials, or disable devices—all in seconds, not hours—without touching a single device.

WAVE devices keep communication simple and quick, so you can focus on driving business results.